Modular Heatless DA_IM

The Ingersoll Rand Modular dryer DA_IM is a heatless modular dryer comprising of extruded aluminum columns filled with desiccant material which are assembled together using a bottom inlet and top outlet manifold which allows the design to meet varying capacity requirements.

One column is in operation (drying) while the opposite column is regenerating using the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method.

A small volume of the dried compressed air is used to regenerate the saturated desiccant bed by expanding dried air from line pressure to atmospheric pressure, removing the water adsorbed by the desiccant material, and therefore, regenerating the dryer.

The desiccant columns are repeatedly regenerated and brought on-line using a PLC controlled sequence.


Другое оборудование

Винтовые маслозаполненные:  315-355 кВт
Винтовые маслозаполненные:  90–160 кВт